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Is Your Digital Marketing Working as good as it should be?


Gain valuable insights about how your marketing is performing and ways to improve with a customized report focused on your online marketing.

This report will enlighten you about how you do business online!

Marketing Audit will help you discover: 

  • how your brand is performing overall

  • valuable insights about the health of your website and social media platforms

  • how well your audience growth and outreach is performing

Once your report is completed, we will get on a video chat session with you to review your current status and what it will take to improve your marketing.

Take the first step in diagnosing your company's online marketing health for $199 for a limited time

honeyguide-logo-e1595140731829 Learn more about your brand!

  • Could your brand have a more professional appearance
  • How competitive you are currently in your market segment
  • Are you maximizing efforts to attract enough leads
  • Is there room to grow your audience even more than you are right now

honeyguide-logo-e1595140731829 Get valuable insights about your website

  • How your website ranks on search engines
  • How you can increase new visitor traffic
  • Maximize sales opportunities to sell products or services  

Marketing Audit will help you learn:

honeyguide-logo-e1595140731829 Audience Growth & Outreach

  • grow your audience more efficiently so you can notify them via Email and SMS when newsworthy information becomes available 
    • new product releases
    • sales & discounts
    • in-person events like trade shows or gatherings
    • user-specific account information

honeyguide-logo-e1595140731829 If your social media channels are engaging and growing

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tik Tok
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • Linkedin
  • Indeed

honeyguide-logo-e1595140731829 Once your report is completed you should have a better understanding about:

  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) what marketing tactics work most effectively
  • how to make vital improvements to grow your audience
  • ways to increase sales with current and new site visitors
  • set clear time-sensitive goals that will help ensure maximum success
  • best ROI for your marketing budget
  • how to improve customer retention
  • expert guidance to help you implement these changes to get the job done

Take the first step in diagnosing your company's online marketing health for $199 for a limited time

Customer Success Stories:

"I thought our business marketing was good enough, but the Marketing Audit report clearly identified where we could improve, and how to improve. Now we are onto implementing these changes. We are very grateful for your help! "

Eric D. | VP Sales & Marketing

Eric D. | VP Sales & Marketing

"We always assumed our advertising worked to its full potential until we tried the Marketing Audit by Honey Guide. This report unveiled holes in our marketing and how to overcome these gaps. I highly recommend this service!"

Andrew T. | Project Manager

Andrew T. | Project Manager

"My practice is small and marketing is usually up to me and I don't prioritze it as much as I should. I knew there was missing pieces to my promotions and this Marketing Audit helped save me a ton of time by supplying most of the answers to attracting more patients. "

Dr. Carrie | Practice Owner

Dr. Carrie | Practice Owner

"Marketing is complicated and time-consuming. We found out just how easy it is to improve your marketing efforts with Marketing Audit! "

Jessie W. | Creative Director

Jessie W. | Creative Director

"I am a one-man company trying to keep up with all things sales, production, administrative and more. I am happy I found this marketing audit tool to speed up my marketing plan!"

Nashemi D. | President

Nashemi D. | President

"I couldn't have made the decisions in marketing without the help of Marketing Audit! Thanks Honey Guide!"

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Jeff P. | Entrepreneur


You're here for a reason, let us help you figure it out!

Deep in the heart of Africa lives a bird called the “honey guide.” This unassuming bird leads honey-hunters to bee’s nests throughout the continent. The hunters make their call to the honey guide, and the guide makes its call back: leading them to the prize. Honeyguide, the marketing agency, models its services after this wonder of nature to bring our clients to a prize that is similarly sweet: growth. Your role is to communicate your business needs to us, and our role is to guide you down the path of growth by planning, budgeting, branding, marketing, and advocating on your behalf. Quickly make your way to the sweet honey of business success through our proven marketing strategies.